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Help us bring uncensored queer education to everyone! The support we receive is a huge driver of the good work we do in addressing some of society’s most challenging problems. Get in touch today and join our community in making a lasting impact.

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Open Positions

All members must be 15+ years to apply

Lead Consultant

Requirements: 15+ years old, must be LGBTQ+

Works in tandem with President, takes over if President is unavailable

Hiring Director

Requirements: 16+ years old

Updates application requirements, reviews applications, portfolios, and resumes, conducts interviews with President, approves applicants with President, sends welcome, rejection, and onboarding emails, helps with campaigns for applications

Community Outreach Director

 Requirements: 17+ years old

Contacts organizations and community leaders for collaboration, works with Event Coordinator on guest speakers, etc.

Event Coordinator

Requirements: 15+ years old

Oversees ideas, planning, and execution of all events, works in tandem with Community Outreach Director, Treasurer, and President


Requirements: 18+ years old

Manages finances, fundraisers, donations, grants, and money allocation

School Specialist

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, must have job, degree, or degree in progress in the field of education

Gives insight on educational impacts of TAP, coordinates with schools and school leaders for events

Health Director

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, must have job, degree, or degree in progress in the field of health

Consults with leadership on any topic regarding LGBTQ+ health, answers public questions in same regards

Parental Referee

Requirements: 18+ years old, must be an LGBTQ+ parent or parenting/guardian of an LGBTQ+ child

Gives insight on experiences with community and family intersections, answers public questions in same regards

Article Writer/Editor

Requirements: 15+ years old

Writer: Writes pieces for website and takes notes on meetings (may be conjoined with Article Editor)
Editor: Edits pieces for website and edits interviews and testimonials (may be conjoined with Article Writer)

Photographer/Photo Editor

Requirements: 15+ years old

Photographer: Photographs events, meetings, and headshots (may be conjoined with Photo Editor)
Photo Editor: Edits photos taken, works in tandem with Designers (may be conjoined with Photographer)

Videographer/Video Editor

Requirements: 15+ years old

Videographer: Records events, meetings, announcements, and other videos (may be conjoined with Video Editor)
Video Editor: Edits all videos filmed (may be conjoined with Videographer)

Graphic Designer

Requirements: 15+ years old

Creates logos, posters, merchandise, etc

Website Manager

Requirements: 15+ years old

Designs and upkeeps website, updates articles and posts, manages any forums

Social Media Manager

Requirements: 15+ years old

Creates social media pages, updates posts regularly, creates content, addresses comments, and answers messages

Diversity Rep.

Requirements: 15+ years old

Shares personal experiences and opinions on topics covering race, sexuality, gender, class, or any other varied topic

Why Apply to be a Diversity Rep?


Make your story heard worldwide.


Have a voice in what we teach.


Become a part of something impactful.

For You

No time commitment. No deadlines. Whenever you're ready.

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